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What is Inside Air Pollution?

Green Indoor established in the year 2016, with an aim to contribute a little bit to our environment from our end. To reduce the air pollution at least inside our home and increase the quality of air which we breathe; maximize the longevity of our children and beloved one’s. As we all know, day by day air pollution is drastically increasing especially in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai & etc.

If you see the World stats-India is already in the list of top 10 most polluted countries in the world and there is no surprise if we reach No.1 position soon.Life expectancy in India is getting down day by day and if this continues then our children’s and beloved one’s longevity will decrease gradually.

And, if you think that your house is clean and no pollution inside, then you’re absolutely wrong.Actually, the air which we breathe inside our own house is 90 times more polluted than the air outside; as majority of us live in a small enclosed spaces/apartments/houses wherein the air flow is very poor.

In fact, modern furniture’s, beautiful carpets, wall paints and other synthetic materials which we use carries more chemicals and toxic compounds & can makes up to 90% of inside air pollution. This causes nausea, headaches, stress, asthma, fatigue, irritations, sickness, mood swings and it’s often called as Sick building syndrome.

How to rescue?

To overcome this issue, NASA discovered that houseplants in 1989 which absorbs harmful toxins from the air, especially in enclosed spaces with limited air circulation. Therefore, we need to take an initiative and try to eliminate the air pollution at least in our homes so as to save our children’s lives. After all, saving our kids and family is our major responsibility than anything on the earth right!

Air Purifying Plants Benefits

Indoor Air Purifying succulents are more natural, therapeutic, affordable and main health benefits are like –

  1. Reduce stress & fatigue
  2. Improves your mood and productivity
  3. Enhance memory and concentration
  4. Prevents coughing, asthma & congestion
  5. Lower your irritation
  6. Few indoor plants are good for vastu and brings you luck too

NASA recommends at least 2 to 3 indoor succulents in 8 to 10-inch pots for every 100 square feet and you will definitely benefit when you add variety of plants in a house or office. This will not just improve air quality but also your house or office looks very elegant and brings inner peace too.Grow this low-maintenance beautiful indoor succulents in bright and indirect or low sun light.

Take a plunge today to protect your friends and family’s health and also make your surroundings a beautiful one by planting air succulents at your houses and offices.  You can also gift indoor plants to your friends & families for all kind of occasions.

We at Green Indoor, caters NASA recommended best indoor air purifying plants in Bengaluru at a very affordable price. Our services are limited to only Bengaluru as of now which may expand to other cities in near future. We also take orders in bulk for occasions like marriages, birthdays and other ceremonies. In case of corporate gifting or any green awareness campaigns – please contact us for huge discounts.