Jade Plant : Crassula Ovata is a perfect indoor air purifying plant

Jade Plant- Crassula Ovata : Perfect Indoor Air Purifying Plant

Jade Plant : Crassula Ovata : Air Purifying Plant

Jade Plant : Crassula Ovata is a perfect indoor air purifying plant. Plants don’t just serve as visually appealing stimulants but also as a major catalyst to purifying air in our homes and offices and environment in general. Poor air quality has been linked to several chronic diseases, immediately or over a period of time.

With the rising concern about degrading air quality and air pollution in our homes and environment, there are few plants that work as indoor air purifiers. When kept in homes and offices, it filters the harmful airborne particles and pollutants and reduces the level of carbon dioxide.

One such plant is Crassula Ovata also commonly known as the Jade Plant. It is beautiful indoor plant with thick leaves which can enhance the beauty of your living room when kept there or revitalizes every cell of your being while you are sleeping in your bedroom.

NASA after carrying out several experiments, has recommended certain plants that might be considered effective in reducing air pollution and improving the air quality in closed environments and jade plant is one of them.

Power of Crassula Ovata in removing toxins from the air

Power of Crassula Ovata

Crassula Ovata also called as Jade Plant is known to be particularly effective in absorbing toluene emitted from gasoline, paints, kerosene and lacquers.

These plants can grow very well in medium light and room temperature and needs watering once a week. So it is definitely not a problem to have it in offices and homes.

Jade Plants are considered to be symbols of luck and prosperity and also known as the friendship plant. It is particularly lucky to keep a jade plant at the entrance of the house, although it can be kept anywhere.

Also,they are great gifts for house warming occasions. This succulent plant with fleshy oval leaves can stay a lifetime and grow very big if proper care is given.




Jade plant is considered to bring fortune to the home


Caring of the Jade Plant

Caring of Jade PlantWatering the plant once every week is what it needs. Too much water will result the root to rot and decay. Watering the plant excessively is a reason why plants die. It is suggested to use a pot with holes so that excess water can drain out. The plant should not be fertilized in fall and winter season. Keep it in a place where it can receive ample sunlight.

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